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    Download: AuditSQLSetup.EXE (3834 kb)

    AuditSQL is designed to create audit triggers for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database. Developer selects what tables have to be audited, what fields for each table and AuditSQL automatically creates DDL T-SQL script for triggers and required tables and functions. AuditSQL can determine that database structure was changed and highlights changed tables/fields.

    AuditSQL tracks changes in database/table structure, so it very easy to update triggers.

    T-SQL script can be directly opened in Microsoft SQL query analyzer

    Template for creating audit triggers is fully customizable, and AuditSQL can be used for creating other types of triggers and other SQL server objects.

    Here how audit table looks after new row added and then edited into sample Northwind database

    Wizard helps developer to start with making first scripts

    Sample audit log output in ASP page

    Sample audit log output in Access form using Listview control

    Point Limited can help you to build custom log output form for your needs!

    Demo version limitations:
    In demo mode AuditSQL allows to generate scripts only for first 7 tables (sorted alphabetically). Also it does not load table selection (column “Logging”) from profile

    Demo Version, $149 single-user license

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    Download: AuditSQLSetup.EXE (3834 kb)

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