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    Translator is Add-In for Microsoft® Access® 2000/XP/2003/2007/2010, designed to assist developer to make application multilingual. First Translator collects text information from Forms, Reports, Macros and Command bars and its controls - labels, textboxes, etc. Then developer translates collected text to other languages, and at last Translator writes translated text back to controls' and objects properties.

    Translator features:

    • two translation modes - one MDB file per language and one MDB file for all languages (on-fly translation)
    • works with all control properties, containing text data on Forms, Reports, Macros and, limited, Command bars; collects string arguments from MsgBox functions in all modules. 
    • up to 10 languages
    • ability to work with different character sets in built-in edit form - Western, Japanese, Cyrillic ,etc.
    • import/export text data to text file for 3-rd party translation engines
    • report to check enough space for translated text in label controls
    • Microsoft Access 2000/XP/2003/2007/2010 versions

    Now, with Microsoft® Word online translation feature you can make your application multilingual in 10 minutes. See sample Northwind.mdb "translated" by Translator and Word 2003 (this was just draft translation).

    A following video shows how you can easy make Microsoft Access aplication multilingual (5 mins, about 3 MB size) TranslatorVideo

    Current builds are:
    Translator for Microsoft Access 97 version (Trans.mda) - 1.136
    Translator for Microsoft Access 2000/XP/2003/2007/2010 version (Trans9.mda) - 1.143

    What is new:
    Version 1.143 - Microsoft Access 2007/2010 support
    Version 1.136/139 - additional error handling
    Version 1.134 - a procedure to collect string arguments from MsgBox() functions in Modules.
    Version 1.131 - a procedure to collect string agruments from MsgBox action in Macros.

    "I am really impressed by the job it does, I think it is one of the best solutions I have seen out there for localization of Access apps." 
    - Michael Kaplan,

    "Translator is a really simple to use and effective tool that saves a lot of time solving a common problem very elegantly."
    - Peter Scheepers,

    Demo Version
    Demo version limitations:
    In demo mode Translator replaces first 3 characters in translation table with "***".

    Buy Translator online, $149 single-user license:[301000787]=1

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    Microsoft Access 97 version is also availabel by email request. 

    Translation services:
    Windows Live Translator
    WorldLingo - Language Translation Solutions
    Translators Cafe Translation Jobs
    International Translation Bureau

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    Download: (437 kb)

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