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    AutoCorrectOff is a Microsoft Access com add-in, which switch off Name AutoCorrect feature for any opened database in Microsoft Access 2000, XP and 2003.

    Name AutoCorrect was introduced with Microsoft Access 2000. This feature automatically corrects common side effects that occur when you rename forms, reports, tables, queries, fields, or controls on forms and reports. However, it also causes a lot of misbehavior in Access applications. Here a blog post, which describes it and provide link to others: “User Friendly” Name Autocorrect option

    In order to get rid of all these problems – it is important to switch Name AutoCorrect feature off for any database you working on. This AutoCorrectOff addin helps you to do so, it switchs off AutoCorrect feature off for any opened database. However, once user decided to switch it on – addin AutoCorrectOff will do not switch it off again. So, basically AutoCorrectOff addin change default settings for this feature.

    Addin is based on a code, provided by Allen Browne

    Download: ACOSetup.EXE (2841 kb)

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