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    Access 2000/XP/2003 MDB file with source code. A sample code shows how you can automate daily
    backup of data file. First it checks if backup was already done today (using custom property on
    database), if no then it make a copy of data file to specified to default folder, and finally it compacts a
    data file. In multi-user environment backup runs once per day when first user starts application.

    To run a sample code: Open BackupSolution.mdb in Access. Run Linked Tables Manager to relink
    tblClient to DataFile.mdb. Run mcBackup macro to perform a backup. Sample database will create a new
    folder Backup and make a  DataFile.mdb file there.

    To implement this solution into your database you can copy mdlBackUpSolution into your database, and
    then modify a autoexec macro (or VBA procedure which runs first when you start database) directly
    after procedure where you check if linked tables are linked you add a line like in provided mcBackup
    macro or VBA code:

    If ToBackup() then
    End if

    You can also implement a custom options dialog where user can set backup options.

    Download: (32 kb)

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