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    A small utility converts MS SQL Server fields from/to Unicode

    This utility helps developers to convert most sensitive to Access field types. Access 97 do not correctly work with Unicode fields in MS SQL Server 2000 table - it set all fields to "default" type, with length 255. In other case, while working with Access 2000 or later it is beneficial to have Unicode type fields, so users can use any language to enter text.

    Other known problem for Access that Real (or Single in VBA) data type it incorrect "rounded", as 7.2 become 7.20000000001 and so on, and preferred data type it Float (Double)

    Using this utility you can easy convert fields from and to Unicode, and between Real and Float.

    In order to run this utility it is required to have MS SQL Server 2000 client tools installed. Also requires VB runtime and Point library files apDLLUpdate.EXE

    Utility was build on Visual Basic 6.0 by Alexander Feduleev

    For questions please contact: Support

    Download: (86 kb)

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